P.O BOX : 42852 Riyadh 11551, Saudi Arabia

T: +966(11) 2651124

F:+966(11) 2652348



Alkhorayef Industries manufacture leading industrial, agricultural, irrigation equipments around the world.  We have a long and proud history in Saudi agriculture, having worked with Saudi farmers back in the early days of government subsidies to boost the region’s agricultural sector. As the leading company in this sector, we helped raise the GNP contribution of farming from 1% to 9% in the 1980s.


 The company is now one of the biggest four world players in the large-scale irrigation industry, helping food producers to meet growing demand in a way that is both environmentally friendly and profitable.


 We also have a strong international presence – in Europe, the former USSR, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and China. This position allows us to provide complete solutions for farmers globally, whom we work with from the feasibility stage onwards, and provide unparalleled support through every stage of the project.


 Our high quality equipments, manufactured in our own facilities include:

•  Pivots and linear irrigation systems (the CP600 and Western is the most modern designs in the pivot world, with proven ability to deal with rough terrain)

•  Pumping solutions (deep well pumps, horizontal pumps, and river and canal pump solutions) steel pipes for generic use.



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